I Was Wrong

questionI wrote last November 11, “I believe God has told me to wait upon Him to act. Its deadline is fast approaching too. And when He does, I’m supposed to take a certain step. He even asked me to tell a few people the specifics, which means I’m out on that limb. What if I’m wrong?”
Well the 16 month waiting period has come and gone without God acting in the way I thought I heard. Thus, I was wrong. Am I bummed? Yes. A little bewildered? Yes. But will that change my faith in Jesus? Nope. Will that change my belief that the God of the universe still wants to speak with me? Nope.
Jesus said His sheep listen to His voice and follow. I just have to get better at listening as it is a developed ability. It’s been a tough lesson to learn, but a most valuable one indeed. And for those who were praying for me during this time, I thank you.
May we all need to get better at listening and following Jesus in 2016. Isaiah wrote, “From the days of old they have not heard or perceived by ear, nor has the eye seen a God besides you, who acts on behalf of the one who waits for Him.” Our God will act, but it will be what He says, not what I think or want Him to say. I simply have to get better at filtering me out.
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  1. Hi, I skimmed quickly through this blog of yours, just a quick comment. I get this from so many brothers and sisters. They heard God say: Do this or I will do this. Then it does not happen or pan out. Here is my explanation: which like all things involving God sometimes is more complicated than first observed on the surface. 1>God’s spesific work and calling for our lifes are in Christ but it is not a set of blue prints that you hit or miss. It is more like it is worked out by faith while we live.2>God can say I wil do A, but then B happens. The reason for this is: That we don’t always hear God say ‘A’ we interpret it because that is what we ‘sense’ in the Spirit. A more accurate interprestation would be I sense God (is not saying) but God will is for A to happen. AS we all know God’s will does not always happen on earth. People’s (ours and others free will often impacts on what God want to do or not do. He works WITH us if we are yielded to Him to full fill His will but if we are not yielded to Him (or living in sin and basically yielded to Satan) His will and desire can not be fullfilled. This does not impact on God’s eternal plan if God does not use you, He will use someone else. The difference from our perspective it is a big honour to be used by God. What do you think? Blessings

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