Victory Through Pain

silhouettes of people on mountains

silhouettes of people on mountains

The last two months, it seemed that no matter what position I put my shoulder in, I’d end up at minimum gritting my teeth and at worse literally screaming in pain. And because of this, I tried not to use it much. The problem was that the muscles started atrophying. But what could I do, purposely hurt myself?
Well, after discovering the culprit, the solution was to take natural anti-inflammatories and, drum roll please…strengthen the muscles in the shoulder! Yup, bring on the pain to get rid of the pain. Surprisingly, it worked! By going through painful stretching and workouts, I can actually move it with only slight discomfort now. Whew.
Like it or not, at times this is a picture of the believer’s journey toward Jesus. Life change not only takes time, it can hurt too! It’s difficult, and sometimes painful, to give up the old thinking and ways of doing life because we’ve become so comfortable with them. Furthermore, we tend to avoid pain. Doubt me? Put your hand on a hot stove next time. See how long it stays there.
Avoiding pain doesn’t get rid of the root problem, though, and neither does going around it. Yes, sometimes change is painful. Yet becoming more like Jesus by working through the pain brings a peace you can’t┬ápossibly imagine. Whew.
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