Your Significance Source

importantMy wife and I have a small orchard in our backyard, which consists of nine varieties of fruit trees. This past week it was time to rake up the orange to yellow to slightly green leaves from the peach, plum and two nectarine trees. Afterwards, it was time to fertilize all the trees and soak them for the coming fall. Lots of work, but it felt great when it was all done! I love that sense of accomplishment when I look over a finished project. Don’t you?
We all do, because this sense of accomplishment was put there by God from the beginning of time and again at the point of salvation. The question is, “Where am I going to get that pat on the back?”
Some people in the news lately destroyed their lives, the lives of others and the lives of their family in their search for significance. Thus, the source of your significance is crucial to your joy both now and for eternity.
Jesus is ready to say, “Well done and good and faithful servant” to those who listen to and follow Him in all their actions, some of which fulfill that need for significance. Start by asking Jesus what He wants you to do. Then in the Spirit’s power do it. As you do, you’ll get a huge pat on the back that not only brings joy to you, but to others as well.
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