Careful Who Praises You

thumbs upWe all crave to be praised. It’s a need placed there by God. We all want to know that we’re loved, okay, and whether we’re doing a good job and are on the right track or not.
This is something good parents practice. Our kids need not only to be corrected when they get off the path; but just as important, to be praised for staying on it by doing the right thing. Positive reinforcement is crucial to our development.
Yet, Jesus said to be careful who praises you. He was far more concerned with what His Father thought of Him than what people thought of Him. And what’s cool is that His Father thought enough of Jesus to break the barrier between heaven and earth to let Him and His friends hear Him say, “This is My Son and I’m extremely proud of Him!”
Who will be praising you this year? A Jesus follower is cheered by Jesus as they choose to become more like Him. Use your FREEdom tools each day to listen and follow Jesus. And you will hear Him praise you when He says, “Great job My servant! You sure are faithful!”
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