Jumping Leads to Living

jump“You gotta jump!” is the comment a comedian made to his studio audience off air. He was talking about the difference between living and existing. His point was that people were given “a good work” prepared for them by the Father at the point of salvation. It’s as we discover and live out that “good work” that we’ll feel alive.
Scripture says we only have so many years before we exit this planet. Feeling alive or merely existing is our choice. Jesus gave us eternal life the moment we put our faith in what He did for us (See Ephesians 2:8-10). And that eternity starts today, not when we die. We can feel more alive with each passing day as we get better at listening to and following Him.
As a secure child of God, there is no reason to merely exist. Don’t wait another day to discover why you’re here! Then take the leap of faith and actually do the good work your Father has for you. As you do, you’ll not only feel alive today, but touch others as well for eternity.
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