Not What But Who

follow meChristianity is not about obedience, but about who we are obeying. Following a set of rules, no matter how “good” they appear to be, leaves me in charge. Jesus said, “If you love Me, you will obey Me.” By reducing Christianity to a list of behaviors we must follow, we simply end up listening to someone else other than Jesus, which ends up in frustration at best and quite possibly hell at worst.
If Christianity is reduced to what we do for Jesus rather than obeying Jesus, who did it all for us (He did say, “It is finished!” on the cross), we simply end up with another religion that leaves one separated from God.
Scripture tells us that many will say after leaving this planet, “Lord didn’t I do great things and build empires in Your Name?” His response will be, “Sorry, exit stage left as I don’t know who you are.”
Secure child of God, please keep life about listening to and following Jesus, not yourself, some pastor or denomination. Jesus is the head of His Church. He is the author and finisher of your faith; thus, listen and follow/obey Him and you’ll enjoy the ride to eternity rather than white knuckle it.
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