Doing Nothing is Something

overgrownI was on a prayer walk when I overcame this garage. The house had burned down and the garage was abandoned. As you can see, it’s overgrown with vines; and if continued to be left unattended, the garage will eventually fall down due to rotting wood.
Life is like this garage. It can overwhelm us if we don’t actively process out the lies of the world. By doing nothing we are doing something. We’re letting someone else control our minds; and thus, the basis for our decision making. I can only tell you from experience that this leads to disaster.
The vines didn’t take over this garage overnight. But, a little neglect here and a little abandonment there and before you know it, you’ve got a lot of work staring you in the face. Joy doesn’t come in the morning, but with daily being in touch with Jesus. If not, you’ll soon be left wondering what in the world happened to your life!
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