Only Now

tripped upOne of the big differences between King Saul and King David was that when David messed up, he got up to start walking with his God again.
Paul tells us in Philippians 4:9 to practice what we hear in Scripture. Practice is where mistakes are supposed to be made, learned from and then hopefully never repeated; thus, during the game we can be victorious. As believers in Jesus, our goal is to never fall/sin. Yet if we do, we have two choices: stay down or get up. Simple. Yet hard.
Yeah, you messed up. You can either focus on it and the further pain it causes through playing the “beat-me up” game. Or, you can focus on Jesus, look into His loving eyes, give Him the beat me stick, and then take His hand up to start walking again.
You only have now, not the last moment with its mistake and certainly not tomorrow. Choose this moment to restart walking with Jesus. I’ll tell you from experience. It feels much better!
Set Free “N”owww

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