Who’s In Control?

dustTwo scenarios, one question, “Who controls your choices?” I was on a walk-talk with Jesus when both scenarios took place.
The first occurred when a gentleman pulled up in a golf cart, asked how I was doing and did I know that I was on private property. Keep in mind no signs were posted saying I was. I was simply walking the hills to the east of my house where there are acres on acres of open space.
The second took place as I was walking down a dirt road. All of a sudden a construction truck hauls by kicking up rocks and all kinds of dust. Normally, these guys slow down when they pass to avoid such a situation. This guy obviously didn’t get the memo.
I have the right and freedom to walk these hills without getting dusted, literally. Who controlled my choices – these gentleman or me? Don’t be quick to answer, because we all know what we’d like to say or do in each situation. Will we, however, filter these situations through Jesus or our flesh, which contains all the old ways of handling these types of situations?
I could let these guys control my choices. That was my choice. It’s your choice as well. To let others in your past or present make your choices or you can learn to hear from Jesus and then choose to follow Him in each situation, even on dusty roads. The only good outcome occurs when we choose Jesus. BTW – I chose a smile and great walk-talk with Jesus without missing a beat. Yeah!
S“E”t Free Nowww

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