Life’s Distractions

imageWe’re in The Old City of Jerusalem. We’ve stopped for a discussion on Psalm 122. It has a specific reference about following the Lord’s command to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and what it brings to those who do.
While this discussion was taking place, church bells were loudly ringing; the local Imam was calling his people to prayer; car horns were going off; people walking along the street were talking so every one could hear them; birds were chirping, all the while engines were whining as they went up a hill. Of top of this, it was discovered that the Hebrew word translated “prosperity” actual means peace. The believer who prays for the peace of Jerusalem will experience peace from such prayers.
All these distractions can make it very tough to hear Jesus’ voice. Yet, life is full of such distractions. We can do one of two things when they come; and, come they will. One, we can let them bother us so we don’t hear and follow Jesus; and thus, we won’t experience the peace Jesus promises. Or two, we can filter out those noises with the Spirit’s help and start praying for the peace of Jerusalem and experience the peace that God says will blow our minds!
We have no control over life’s distractions. But we do have control on whether or not we will filter them out to hear and follow Jesus to experience the kind of peace that He promised. Choose to focus and follow.
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