Through Emotions

imageThe Spirit uses olives to teach us many truths about our walks with Jesus. Today I want to focus on the third step of the olive oil production process. The first step is to crush the olives to produce the extra virgin olive oil used for the Temple Menorah. The second step presses the olives to produce the oil used for cooking. The third step is another pressing that produces a bitter oil used for lamp oil and soap (mixed with fragrant spices).
Jesus was crushed and pressed for us at Gethsemane, which means olive press. If you review the passages before His arrest, Jesus went back and forth three times between His sleeping men and talking with His Dad. During the third conversation, scripture reveals that Jesus was in agony. This word carries the idea of severe emotional struggle. Why? His Father was silent for the first time in Jesus’ life! Jesus was wrestling with His emotions big time; and yet, He conquered them to bring light to the dark places that remain in our hearts, minds and lives. He kept going forward despite His emotional struggle to wash us from the pain that can cause bitterness.
We all struggle with our emotions at times. But who will be king – Jesus or our emotions? Only One can bring the light of hope that our lives can be changed and the cleansing power that can remove bitterness caused from the pain brought by ourselves and others.
Let’s continue to exercise the truths Jesus gives us in His Word through the Spirit’s power in each situation. As You do, Jesus will be king of your thoughts and your emotions so you can experience the joy and peace that only He can bring.
Set Fre”E” Nowww

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