Never Give Up!

imagePeople came to pre-State Israel for many reasons. One was the dream of freedom from persecution, while for others it was to live in the land of their forefathers. Such was the dream of a group of professionals, doctors, lawyers and dentists, who came from Romania in the late 1800’s. However, for their small community to survive, they would have to clear and then work the land. They would have to work at night, as to not get shot by their Syrian enemies. They would have to import eucalyptus trees to plant along the edges of their property to drain the swamps with their malaria infected mosquitos (the last swamp in Israel is pictured) and to provide protection from enemy fire.
For these settlers, who were not used to working with their hands in such a way, these constant hardships were eroding their dream. And for many, it crushed that dream altogether.
What will make you quit going forward in becoming more like Jesus? We have lots of swamp land (i.e. character flaws) to be cleared (i.e. replaced with Jesus). Paul tells those who want more of Jesus and less of themselves to expect hardships, enemy pushback, and difficult choices.
Keep making those tough choices my friends, turning back (living a life you know lacks fulfillment and joy) is not an option!
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  1. “Never give up” is the motto of our home school. When the going grows difficult, that is the worst time to stop! Press on, for better things lie ahead, even if it does get worse before it gets better. We are assured that it WILL get better. It is this great hope that encourages us to keep on. Further up and further in!

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