Declare Jesus Is Here!

imageIn 1918, the British were given control over then named Palestine with the understanding that Jews could build a homeland there. A few years later, they reneged on this promise with the infamous White Papers, which stated that Jews could not build any further villages of towns

. This de facto made it an Arab country. The one catch, however, was that “existing” towns could stay.
The Jewish people employed a very astute tactic to use this “catch” to their advantage. First, they bought land through intermediaries from Arab land owners. Once owned, they deployed what became known as the “Tower and Stockade” strategy.
Within 24 hours, they would erect a fence that could withstand bullets, a tower to alert them of a coming enemy in order to defend their new village, and tents for people to live and then work their land. They were “declaring that we are here!”
By the time the enemy, in this case the British and Arab world, realized what was happening, an existing city was up and running that couldn’t be torn down! The first such city in the western Galilee to use this strategy was Hanita (pictured), which means to park or come to a rest. In the first 24 hours of being built, it was attacked and defended at the cost of 10 lives, but it is still a thriving part of Israel today.
God said He would restart the nation of Israel. But the people did have a part to play, which they did. Galatians 5:1 states that Jesus set us free, but we must do our part to stand firm in what He did and through His power remain free.
Don’t be afraid to take new areas of your life! When the Spirit wants to take new territory, which Jesus already owns, it’s time to go forward. Victory is assured, but we must apply the FREEdom principles to stand firm in that victory.
The enemy will not give up easily. He will fight back. But a changed life, becoming more like Jesus, is worth the effort! And your changed life is declaring to the world that Jesus is here and can give them victory just as He did for you.
Set “FREE” Nowww

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