In Christ – Pt. 1

Love JesusIt’s a little phrase in Scripture, but it packs a lot of power – in Christ. It doesn’t mean in you, but in Him. A duh moment, maybe. But is it?
Healthy believers continually learn to die to self rather than deny self! You can stop sinning all day. You can choose not to over eat. You can choose not to let certain words fly from your mouth. You can choose not to let your blood boil. However, all you’re doing is denying yourself from making certain choices, which still leaves you in control!
Life change comes when you face a choice to eat, to say choice words or to let your temperature rise and instead ask Jesus, “What do you want me to do?” Ask Him for the faith to choose it and the Spirit for the strength to do it.
This is dying to rather than denying self. One process kills self, while another simply keeps self under control. Truth is, both are hard!
One keeps us in control where the other lets Jesus take control. One is short-term thinking, which leads to short term change (i.e. cycle of addiction) where the other is long-term thinking, which leads to eternal change.
Daily learn to be in Christ and less in yourselves by making the choice to die to rather simply deny self.
“S”et Free Nowww

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