Jesus Didn’t Carry His Cross

Jesus fell“Your love for Jesus can put you on your knees, but your cross will put you on your face.” This is what it did to Jesus anyway. Yes, He carried His cross, but not all the way. Simon Cyrene did.
When Jesus said to “deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Him,” He didn’t mean to carry our burdens around. He didn’t! What He meant was to die to self, not self-denial, but to self and its way of thinking and living.
Stop trying to deny yourself material things and acting all righteous. It’s like, “Look at me God. Look how I’m doing.” Notice all the pronouns – me and I. We are to die to them. The moment we realize that we can’t, He can. It’s not about trying harder, but letting go of more of our thinking, our wants, our desires, our goals, our dreams, our expectations, and the list goes on.
Life change comes the moment we realize that our good enough is simply not good enough. Salvation, in this case taking something broken by sin and making it whole by Jesus, comes the moment we realize we’re weak and can’t to allow His strength to empower us.
Jesus didn’t carry His cross. He let it drive Him to the ground. And so must we.
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