Faster and Farther

silhouettes of people on mountainsI recently experienced the adage, “You can travel faster alone, but farther with others.” Yet, I traveled both faster and farther this time. I had to travel to the airport, which without traffic would have taken an hour and 37 minutes to be on time for my flight.
My departure time, though, put me in the middle of traffic. Now it was going to take 2 hours and 47 minutes to be at the airport on time…if I traveled alone. My beautiful wife and best friend got up extra early to travel with me. This meant carpool lanes all the way, which cut 47 minutes off our drive. Yes!
This illustrates James 5:16. As we walk with at least one believer with whom we confess to and pray for each other to listen better and follow closer to Jesus, we’ll see our lives changed much more rapidly than on our own. I not only have an awesome woman praying for me, but quite a few brothers as well.
Who are you being transparent with and praying for today? Whatever your challenges to this truth are, it’s worth overcoming them in the power of the Spirit. I’m much farther down the road in the Spirit replacing me with Jesus much faster because I choose by faith to chose to do so. I know you will as well.
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