slimmedEver felt slimed? I have. It usually happens when I turn my back on Jesus and do my own thing. My flesh, the old sin stained thinking patterns, leads me to believe that I’ll feel good by handling life my way. The moment I take a step in my direction, I start to lose the very thing I was heading in that direction to get – peace, security and love. I call this yucky feeling being slimed.
You don’t have to like the slime, but you can certainly use it to your advantage. Don’t give up or continue to give in, just turn around! This is called repentance. We were not meant to live in the slim, just as this sea otter was not meant to be slimed by oil. When slimed, we have a Savior who will clean us up simply by asking Him to forgive us.
Do you deserve to feel good again? No, but that’s part of what living in His grace means. When you start to feel that slime feeling coming on, choose to turn around, ask forgiveness and enjoy the closeness with Jesus and all that comes with it.
Set Free “N”owww

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