He’s On Guard

dogI face all kinds of situations walking the hills. I’ve given plenty of space to snakes and coyotes. Kept moving past beehives And, I expect to see dogs roaming free. I am, however, relieved when their owners are on the lookout. Only they know how their animal will react. Once, I made eye contact with an owner who was on top of things. Soon their animal was on a leach. Let’s just say this owner knew their dog…well.
As believers, we can be like that dog having a good ol’ time loving and becoming more like Jesus. And like that dog owner, Jesus knows us well. He knows our weaknesses and faith level at any point in life. He understands how our day is going and where our mind is focused at any given moment.
Jesus can see down the road and can protect us from situations He knows we’re not ready to handle yet. The question is, “Will we let Him?” Keep practicing listening to and following Jesus in the mundane things of life. As we do, we’ll be protected from the harmful things of life too. Every little decision made in His power today is preparation for the more harmful situations we face tomorrow.
Set Free Now“W”w

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