Reminder to Remember

remember 2I wish I had a better camera when I took this picture. It was a nice spring day. The sun was shinning. White clouds were scattered across a light blue sky. Then I saw it – a sideways white robed cloud with a rainbow hem. The red was faded. The yellow was bright. The blue tried to sneak out while a bluish-purple was visible only at different angels.
Keep in mind it was a beautiful day. It had not recently rained nor were the clouds stormy looking. The Lord brought to mind that we often rely on His promises during the storms of life; and yet, how often do we forget them on life’s sunny days? Do we only rely on Him when life gets rough or can we enjoy Him on life’s sunny days as well?
Yes our God’s promises are good during life’s storms. It’s equally true, though, that He’s good for His word the rest of the time as well. This picture is a reminder to remember that your God is Savior and Faithful yesterday, today and tomorrow…no matter what the outside weather is.
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