Better Brides – Guys Too!

wedding dressNo, this title is not a mistake. I was reading Jeremiah when my prayer life was changed forever. The prophet was calling the nation of Israel, God’s bride and wife, back to loving her Husband. Through her worship of various idols, including burning her children to death, she was committing adultery. The Father put up with this for such a long time until He had to finally brokenheartedly say, “It’s Me or the door.” Israel choose the door – twice!
The church is called a bride. In New Testament times, a bride was already married; and, it was considered adultery if either one cheated on the other (Matthew 1).
Latest statistics show that only 9% of those who claim to be secure children of God actually listen to and follow Jesus. Stated another way, 91% of Jesus’ Bride are listening to and following either themselves or the world, both of which are idolatry, and thus, adultery. Are you the part of the 9 or 91%?
Ladies and gentlemen, living as a married single is over. It’s time to choose to be a better bride by being faithful to the One we say we love. We do that each day through each choice to filter life using the FREEdom process to better listen to and follow only Jesus, our loving Husband.
Set “FREE” Nowww

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