Repaired Brokenness

broken lensesBelievers are broken people who see life through broken lenses; and as such, we must walk this journey with Jesus together in humility. As a broken person who reads Scripture through broken lenses, how do we know we have it right?
Yes, we have the Spirit of God to guide us into all truth. And yet, in our state of being repaired, how do we know we’re hearing Him correctly? Our ears are just as broken as our eyes, which means our hearing can be off as well.
The truth is the truth and never changes, but our understanding of it can. Therefore, there have been times I’ve changed my understanding of Scripture based on discussions with fellow believers, who love and are just as committed to Jesus and His Word as I am, as only having and following the truth will set me free.
Thus, lets continue to walk this journey together in complete humility, even with those with whom we may at the moment Scripturally disagree; but, given time, may end up agreeing. And even if we don’t, the world will see Jesus’ love through us as we walk as one (John 17:21).
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