Everyday Relationship

mirror“In a place like Toronto, where hockey is almost a religion, the main distinction being that religion is something that matters only one day a week; whereas hockey is life, of every day importance.” I expect this from a non-Christian writer. Yet, this attitude is pervasive among believers.
As the Lord has enabled me to touch lives beyond where I live, I hear a very similar theme. Believers are relying on devotionals for their sustenance instead of the Book those devotionals are based on. Believers have little interaction with Jesus throughout their week, let alone their day.
My friends, religion puts a layer between Jesus and the believer. Religion is contained to one day (really only a very small part of it), rather than hearing from the Word of God Himself throughout their day.
Think about it. Do you want a one day out seven experience with Jesus? Pick up your FREEdom tools every day to hear from and follow Jesus. He is the only one of every day importance that will bring you life.
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