Helpful Eyesight

teen group - clker.comBelievers are broken people who see life through broken lenses. Broken lenses reflect light in different directions depending on the angle of the lens. This is why we need other believers in our lives who, although also see life through broken lenses, will see it a little differently than us.
A friend and I were discussing life situations through the lens of Scripture; and yet, we were bringing up truths from God’s word that challenged the other person’s thinking. Each of us hadn’t seen Scripture quite like what the other person was sharing.
The Word of God is true, period. Yet, until the Spirit completely repairs our brokenness, we will not always be able to see the truths contained in God’s word that will set us free from whatever challenge we face from our angle.
We need the help the other believers in the process of being repaired. Yes, we are saved as individuals, but we walk this journey with Jesus with others. Who helps you see what you need to see to see Jesus more clearly?
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