Dead In Its Tracks

stopped in tracksIt was 11:21pm Sunday night. In less than 40 minutes my fast would be over. I tell this not to draw attention to myself, but to the victory experienced.
I thought at that exact moment if I stayed up for another 40 minutes I could eat anything I wanted. Yes, NO! No, I can’t. The fast had nothing to do with eating, but everything with resetting my thinking on a certain issue, which Jesus had done. And this is exactly how long that battle took place, less than two seconds.
I didn’t think about the foods in the refrigerator. Instead, I thought about all the Lord had taught me over the last 40 days. I loved how good I felt letting Jesus remove some stinkin’ thinking. I also loved how the Spirit empowered me to experience victory.
The taste of victory is sweet; so, why go back to the agony of defeat? On a moment’s notice you must rely on the Spirit’s power to stop that stinkin’ thinkin’ in its tracks. Let Jesus renew your mind and you’ll experience victory as well. It’s POSSIBLE, because HE is faithful.
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