Sitting Still While in Motion

sky planeAs I was walking today, I was still before the Lord. I saw a plane overhead that illustrated this truth. The pilot was sitting still; and yet, he was moving extremely fast at the exact same time.
While we are still doesn’t mean the Lord is. He is working out our salvation (i.e. making us whole and delivering us from sin) at all times. So be still and let Him do His job.
This requires great trust for me. Doing nothing is actually doing something. I battle “the doability doctrine” that states if you can do something do it. But if I do it, where is the room for Jesus and Spirit to do what only They can do?
The book of Hebrews tells us that Jesus gave us rest the moment we came to faith. And, it was Jesus who answered the question, “What works must we do?” with simply “believe.” Belief and trust, at times, will look like you’re doing nothing, but actually you’re doing something. You’re showing how much you love Jesus who also said, “If you love Me, you will be obey Me.”
Therefore, being still and being in motion can happen at the same time. You say you believe in Jesus and His Spirit? Then sit tight when He says to and let Him be God. He is you know?
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  1. In “Sit, Walk, Stand”, Nee uses the picture of a motorized wheelchair to convey this same concept. But I like the picture of an airplane even better — with Jesus’ Spirit, we can be seated with Him and still flying above the clouds!

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