Relaxed Obedience

stillnessWe have a part to play in our sanctification and God has His, but I can’t play my part without God playing His.
I want to be more like Jesus with almost every fiber of my being. (The other part is the flesh that wants to stay right where it’s at.) I’m ashamed to admit this, but sometimes this stresses me out.
Jesus already did His part. To name only a few, He died and rose again to give me life, eternally starting now. He gave me His mind so I can think correctly. He also gave me His nature so I can choose correctly. Now, He says that if I love Him, I will obey Him, which is my part.
Yet, this obedience is still impossible if He doesn’t do His part to empower me through His Spirit. I can’t listen and follow Him, let alone become like Him, without the Holy Spirit’s power. He will get the job done in me as I relax in His power to obey. Let Jesus show you how to live a relaxed obedience. I know I am.
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2 thoughts on “Relaxed Obedience

  1. Being still and remembering the truth about myself is tough — I want to and feel like I should be DOING something. But He has done it all. I can’t do anything that’s helpful or worthwhile unless I start from there and move out under His power.

    Thanks for this reminder of truth.

  2. It’s so hard for me as well. Part of it has been my early exposure to “church”. We were go-go guys for God! Yet, I’m learning to rest in what He has already done and in who He’s already made me. You pray for me and I’ll pray for you!

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