watchmenI was having writer’s block, so I went for a drive. As I was in the left turn lane waiting for the green arrow, I heard an ambulance siren. I finally saw it to my left when the green arrow came, but I had to wait for the ambulance to pass. This waiting caused the driver behind me to get rather agitated. How did I know? Let’s just say I could see their hand gestures in my rear view mirror and my ears were unpleasantly disturbed by their car horn. You should have seen, however, the sheepish look on their face when the ambulance finally cleared the intersection.
We only know what we know when we know it, nothing more. But what if what we know isn’t correct, like the driver behind me? They saw the same green arrow I did, but not the ambulance. What they knew was incorrect.
This is why believers have the Holy Spirit. He gives us valuable information to make Jesus choices, if we listen. This is why the Spirit put us into a body with other believers who can also give us valuable information to make Jesus choices, if we listen.
We need each other to be watchmen – a person given information by Jesus that we need to draw closer to Him. This is the believer who will tell you “the truth in love” even when you don’t want it. Let’s be those watchmen and women, even though sometimes the information we need to give might be uncomfortable.
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