A Quiet Mind

shhA friend of mine once said, “There are times I completely empty my mind.” She would literally clear her mind of garbage thoughts, negative stuff people had said or what was currently coming her way. She was using the FREEdom process to filter out all the junk so she could hear Jesus speak to her.
I want to take that step further. Entertainment devices. Every where I look – people driving their cars, riding their bikes, sitting with friends at a coffee shop, etc. – people are on their phones. It’s like we’ve become addicted to information no matter the app it comes in on.
I too like to make the most of every minute under the guise of being efficient. But am I really? I will take my iPad and read the paper, catch up on emails, browse Facebook, get ahead on work projects almost anywhere. (I’ll let your mind run with where!) But is this good?
Am I afraid of being quiet? Is Jesus that scary that we’re afraid to be alone with Him? May I suggest that we all put down our electronic devices a little more often. Then from your time in the Word, grab a passage and munch on it as you spend time Jesus. Let the savoring thoughts roll over your mind. Our loving God guarantees we’ll find peace as we do.
Set “FREE” Nowww

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