Opinion or Truth

turtleA had the most interesting conversation with a six year-old. The subject isn’t as important as was the conversation. This precious young lady had a very bold opinion about the topic at hand, which mind you, she brought up. She believed God felt a certain way on this subject.
I asked her, “Did someone give you their opinion or did you get it from the Bible?” I told her that people, all who love Jesus, have many different beliefs on her chosen subject. The important thing was, “Was it their opinion or did it come from Jesus and the Bible?” As with any young child, the discussion quickly changed to something else.
How many times do we base our beliefs, and thus our choices, on opinion rather than doing the hard work of finding out what Jesus says in His Word? People’s opinions (including pastors!) can lead to separation from the Source of Life while following Jesus’ words can bring life to any and all life situations.
I recently followed a map that was to take us to a certain lake; only to discover the map was wrong! It was a tourist map, made by the local tourist industry, who apparently failed to check the topographical map.
Who are you basing your choices on today – people’s opinions or the Word of Truth that will only send you in the right direction?
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