Increase My Faith Already!

faithI was sharing today with my BIG partner about my desire for God to perform the miracle of instantaneous life change. I’m seeing victory, but the falls still, well, hurt. (Can’t find a stronger word at the moment.) I was reminded of what I wrote last time, but I guess I’m just tired of my lack of faith in Jesus.
Then, I read following as I was cleaning out old emails. “God does not condemn you or me for our struggles, but He does want us to fight to live a holy life. I will admit that I’m not sure all temptation is from the devil or is spiritual warfare, either. I think some of this is part of being human and in process of being made holy.”
Part of that process is what the first disciples cried out, “Increase our faith!” And they were not talking about faith in themselves either. During my current struggle, the Lord said to read Matthew 8 about the Centurion’s faith. He saw his servant healed without Jesus even physically coming. He believed in what Jesus could do and it happened. Belief.
I received a letter today. Guess what word was plastered on the front? Believe. I’m asking the Spirit for more faith for myself as well as for you. We both need more of it.
Set Free Now“W”w

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