Getting Faster

fasterI stated in Monday’s entry, “Just as Jesus is fully God, when we place our faith in Him, we become complete, no longer broken.” (Col. 2:9-10)
We obviously don’t feel complete or whole at the moment even though it’s true. Truth, we don’t have to sin because we have what we need for victory in and because of Christ right now. Reality, we do and will in some area of our life ‘till the day of our home going or Jesus returns (Phil. 1:6). The Spirit is in the process of cleansing the flesh through the retraining our brain.
Thus, progress can be measured in how often we choose Jesus over our drug of choice and/or how fast we turn back to Jesus after choosing it. Because of Jesus and the Spirit, we can choose Jesus. Because of what Jesus did, we can return to Him. Are you making progress in making better choices and/or returning real fast?
Remember, both choices are up to you. Let’s at least get faster at returning!
Se“T” Free Nowww

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