Lost a Sock

sockA good friend used to say, “I lost my sock.” It was a code phrase that she was having a bad day. Her bad day wasn’t actually caused by losing a sock, which she hadn’t even lost in the first place. It didn’t matter what caused it; therefore, it might as well have been a sock she couldn’t find.
It’s been said, “The person who wants to be unhappy will find many roads. The person who wants to find peace must find the one.” If we want to complain about life, we can find all sorts of reasons to start bellyaching, which only drags us down. Yet, if we want to have a good day or be lifted up, there is only one path, one person who knows where that illusive sock is, Jesus Christ.
You choose what your day will be like based on the path you choose to walk. Jesus said He is The Way or that path. Hopefully, you’re choosing to walk with Him today.
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