Head Check

checkThe author was focusing on those who were getting ahead by, let’s just say, less that righteous ways. It bummed him out big time. Yet he ends by saying, “It’s good for me to be close to God. My Sovereign Lord is my refuge.” (Psalm 73)
The writer had to do a head check. Sovereign means having the overall power and authority. Who was that – the “seemingly” winner or Jesus? Once he was able to see through his distractions and focus on the Lord (FREEdom process), he was able to get back to where the good stuff was located – God’s presence.
Life is full of distractions as well as things that we’ll never understand. There will always be why questions left unanswered. The real question is, though, will you let those draw you closer to or away from Jesus?
It is good/your best interest to be close to Jesus. When you feel your attitude heading south, it’s head check time. Where’s your focus – on the One who has control or those who don’t? Get back and stay focused on the truths Jesus gives you from His Word.
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