Live Lighter Today

featherPsalm 68:19 seemed so strange to me that I had to dig a little deeper. It basically says to kneel (Praise) to the Sovereign Master (be to the Lord) who day by day carries our burdens (who daily bears our burdens). He is the one who makes us safe, rescues us (to God our Savior). Stop the music. Let what was said hang in the air for a moment (Selah).
God is saying to you and to me, “Slow down and think about what you just read. I, your Master carry your daily burdens; when in reality, as My creation, you should be carrying My stuff. Think about that for a moment. I’m carrying what weighs you down. So why do you carry it around as well? I’m your rescuer, so let Me!”
God takes what’s bothering and weighing us down, so why are we? Let Him rescue/save you from it today. Give it to Him, literally. Visualize what’s bothering you as rocks in backpack. One by one hand them over to Jesus. And if you take a rock back, give it back to Him again, and again and again. Live lighter today! Don’t you think it’s time?
Set Free No“W”ww

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