Learning Takes Laughter

laughterI heard a story about a professional baseball player who was asked to switch positions while still playing at the major league level.
There are not too many people watching at the minor league level. But to struggle through change at the major league level, where there are not only 10’s of thousands of people watching, but there’s also sportswriters and cameramen ready to splash your greatest miscues for the entire sports world to see, is not easy on the ego.
The lesson is this: Learn to laugh at yourself. Even though it was not his intent, he knew he was going to make mistakes. The only way to keep sane in the process was to laugh and get better. Because of his attitude and work ethic, he is now recognized as one of the best at his new position by his colleagues.
1 John 2:1 says if you sin not when. It’s our goal to follow Jesus, but there will be times we’ll stumble. We can laugh at ourselves and grow up or kill ourselves and stay down.
Laughing doesn’t mean you’re taking it lightly. It simply means you’re not taking yourself too seriously. It’s all about Jesus. He will finish the job He started. Right?
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