Like – No, Love – Yes

acceptanceBiblical acceptance means that you don’t have to like what others are doing, but you can lovingly tell them the truth while walking closer with Jesus together.
There is a plot of open ground that has numerous commercial white boxes containing beehives. I pass by them every time I’m on a prayer walk. I simply lower my hat and keep walking. Sometimes bees hit my hat or shirt. I’ve even been stung once. For some, this area would be off limits as they are deathly afraid of bees. Since I am not, it’s simply the most direct route to take.
We all have areas of great faith and victory and some where our faith is weak and failures occur. This is why I believe scripture instructs us to accept (Rom. 15:7), not judge, each other while praying for each others’ failures to become victories in Christ (Eph. 6:18).
Jesus accepts and prays for you and me. Does He like everything we do? Nope. Does He love and draw us closer to Him anyway? Yes.
May we have this attitude toward other believers that Jesus has toward us.
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