Joyous Anticipation

joyA brother and I were talking about the Feast of Shouts that recently came and went this past Sunday. This led to a discussion on Jesus coming for His bride or what some call the Rapture.
My brother said, “Why is it that believers are always asking Jesus to come when they’re in the midst of tough times or simply tired of living on this planet; instead of being so in love with Him they simply can’t wait to be with Him?”
I thought it about it. It wasn’t the former just days before my wedding date! I couldn’t wait to take my new bride (until then she was my girl-friend/best friend/fiancĂ©) into my arms for the first time. Let me tell you. It was a joyous anticipation. I also know what I wasn’t thinking. “Wow, life is such a bummer. I can’t wait to get down the aisle.”
Are you only asking for His return when life is a stinker? Jesus is the lover of your soul. He is your best friend. You are His bride/fiancé. Let your mind entertain this truth. And your face will radiate with the joyous anticipation of Him gathering you in His arms and taking you home. What a witness to the love of Jesus, right?
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