The Battle Belongs to the Lord

lion-of-judah1 Chronicles 27:5-6 states that Benaiah, son of the high priest, not only was a commander of an Israeli army division, but also the leader of the infamous Thirty, King David’s bodyguard. He was a serious booty kicking priest!
What a picture of Jesus! He is not some passive, limp-wrist, spineless guy, who stands in the background or runs from the battle. He, as priest, is our connection to the Father, who gives victorious battle plans. He’s also a fighting machine, who goes into battle right alongside us.
How we can fail? Think life’s battles are ours alone to fight. The battle certainly belongs to our Lord. Are you keeping Him on the sidelines or at arms length? Scripture says He can be your strength in weakness. He’s already with you. Why not ask Him to fight for you?
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