Just Add Water

add-water-2I have this wonderful energy consumer of bouncing my foot and doing something with my hands while sitting. At this particular time, I had just finished stirring my delicious Israeli coffee with a wooden stick. Did you know that if you wet a wooden stick and break it little by little you can make a circle or wheel out of it? This is what I did.
This is a wonderful picture of God’s grace. Jesus is the living water who makes us pliable in His loving hands. He then, ever so slowly, uses life situations to break our wills until we become a useful tool in His hands, the “good work” He prepared us to do.
You can stay dry and let life break you into pieces or you can dive into Jesus water and let Him shape your character using those same life situations.
It’s your choice – break or bend. Yes, both are uncomfortable, but one brings blessing and one, well, let’s just say it only hurts.
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