Grateful for What You Don’t Deserve

praiseWe had a great discussion on the bread and the cup in my 3-5th grade Sunday School class yesterday. We discussed the origins of it in the Passover meal, which speaks of the death angel passing over the houses with blood on the doorpost.
We discussed death, which one student said was when soul and body separate. I then asked, “Where does the soul go then?” “Heaven or hell,” they answered. Their attention was riveted when I asked, “What is heaven and hell?” We finally arrived at this, “Heaven is where God is, who is love, peace, security, all the good stuff we want. Hell is where God doesn’t live; and thus, is where all the garbage stuff is at that makes us feel terrible.” Who chooses either of those? They responded, “We do by our choices.”
Our choices, apart from Jesus, get us what we deserve – loneliness, bitterness, shame, guilt, fear, insecurity, and the list of negative things goes on. We get real joy, if we choose Jesus today. We get peace of mind, if we choose to walk with Jesus. We get….you fill in the blank, all because of Jesus dying as the Passover lamb, as death or separation from God passes us by.
I then led them into the service to take communion. And told them when they held that little piece of matzo and cup of juice in their hands to thank Jesus for the good stuff they feel. I had a lot of grateful 3-5 graders yesterday morning!
Thank Jesus today that you don’t experience what you do deserve, which allows you to experience what you don’t deserve.
Sā€œEā€t Free Nowww

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