Learning From Failure

hikingMy wife, Jan, and I were checking out a new hike. As we faced the mountains, we took a route that would hopefully add mileage to our hike, but still allow us to get to our desired mountain peak following the same ridge line.
As we made our way up the path and over this ridge line, however, we saw we were wrong. The peak where we wanted to go was actually separated by another peak that was behind it.
Was this a failure? No! We learned what not to do next time. We didn’t quit, either. Instead, following my wife’s suggestion, we went around the back peak and eventually made it to our destination.
Failure is only failure if we fail to learn from it. It was not our intention to go the wrong direction, but we did. We could either get angry at having to walk further or chalk it up to a new learning experience and move on. We did the later.
Jesus doesn’t want us to learn through our failures as they bring consequences, but through His grace and mercy, it’s not the end of the world if we do. We never abuse God’s grace; but at times, we will need to use it.
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