More Doesn’t Satisfy

satisfied-cupThe first comic strip pane shows a dad driving to work. The next one shows him recounting his blessings: his fantastic job, awesome wife, wonderful kids, beautiful home, close friends, etc. The next frame has him thinking and then blurting out, “I WANT MORE!!”
I read this after just having to slow down because of the rain, which allowed me to not feel guilty for not being outside doing something! Where I live it’s a very fast paced world. It’s seems I’m always reaching for more, especially of Jesus.
This mindset is stressful and is based in a lie. Jesus came to give us eternal life that starts the moment of transferring our trust to Him, not when we die. Colossians 2:9 states that we are complete in Christ. I have everything I need to be at peace and experience life right now, not later.
Will our more ever truly satisfy us so that we will not still want more even after we get what we think we want? It doesn’t and leads to the taking of our drugs of choice. Let Jesus give you the truths you need to appreciate today, so you can let whatever comes tomorrow stay in tomorrow.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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