Who’s the Whose?

whoIt’s not who I am, but whose I am that counts when it comes to the believer’s security. It isn’t what I do that determines who I am, but what someone else did for me that gives me solid ground on which to stand.
Therefore, the more you know about whose you are the more secure you’ll feel at any point in time. And who’s the who in the whose? Jesus. It is through faith in Jesus and what He did, not in ourselves and what we do, that gives us the right to become secure children of God.
So the more we know from head knowledge put into life experience about Jesus and what He did for us, the more secure we’ll feel despite any difficult circumstances we might face. Jesus is a Rock on which to stand during life’s storms; but, if what you know about Him stays in your head, you’re on pretty shaky ground.
So who’s the who in the whose to you and how well do you know Him?
“S”et Free Nowww

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