When Good is Bad

under-blanketsI had a great night’s sleep and just wanted to linger in a bed a little longer. I really sensed the Lord, however, telling me to get out and prayer walk at 7 AM. I ignored that call. Instead, I spent time under those warm covers praying. Then about 8 AM, I finally rolled out of bed and went on that walk.
Even though I was doing a “good thing” that could be backed up by Scripture, it was still disobedience! Why? I was in control doing what I wanted to do. There is a name for this. It’s called religion. Religion keeps the person in control and makes them feel better because they feel they are doing something good. Jesus has nothing to do with religion. He’s about His sheep listening and following Him.
We have an illustration of this in Exodus. After the Tabernacle was built, God’s presence filled it. This could be seen by a cloud by day and fire by night. When that cloud moved, the people were to break camp and follow. When it stopped, they were to stop and make camp. What if they decided to stay in their tent for some prayer time? They would be left behind at best and get lost at worse!
Tozer once said, “One compromise here, one there and the so-called Christian and the man of the world look the same.” What’s best for you and me is not going good, but listening and following our Shepherd.
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