When You Is Too Much

heart-healthI would have hit a pedestrian if I hadn’t noticed their condition. Someone on the sidewalk was wearing only tennis shoes with short or no socks, short pants and a hooded sweatshirt. I thought, “They’ve got to be freezing. It’s in the 30’s!” (I know. For some this is warm!) Without looking, this person left the sidewalk and stepped into the street. I had the right away, but this person would have lost if I hadn’t been paying attention.
The Lord spoke to me at that moment. Thinking less about you and more about others can be both spiritually and physically healthy. This person was more than likely entirely focused on themselves at that point, which put them in harm’s way. Isn’t this reality? When we get so focused on our challenges, our character flaws, our routines, our to-do lists, our whatever, we put ourselves at risk for further challenges!
If you charted your thought and prayer life, what percentage would be about you? Praying for, thinking about, and doing something for others is not only good for your spiritual health, but for theirs as well (James 5:16).
When you face a challenge – hurried shoppers, pray for others with the same challenge. When you start feeling insecure over some character flaw – getting impatient with long lines, encourage someone else with the same defect. As we begin to pray for others, their lives will be changed/healed. And so will ours!
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