Hidden Treasure

This is a picture of a 4,000 year old gate, which led into the biblical city of Ashkelon, one of the Philistine cities mentioned in Scripture. It is the oldest gate in existence today. It is also another example of archeologists following the Bible to find treasures hidden beneath earth’s surface.
Except for the reconstructed arch, these are the same stones people walked through 4K years ago. How do we know? Look to the left of the picture. You will see green grass covering a mound of dirt, which covered what you now see. Archeologists simply removed that dirt, put there over time through nature and people, to expose the treasure beneath.
Each person is made in the image of God; yet nature and people have covered it up over time. This cover up has affected our thinking, our choice mechanism and our emotional stability. Jesus, the Word of God, came to uncover the hidden treasure inside through removing all the garbage thinking, broken choices and emotional instability in our lives.
As archeologists followed Scripture to hidden treasures, follow the Word of God to better understand the hidden treasure of who you are in Christ…a secure child of God. Discovering this one truth will set you free from a lot of dirt.
SET” Free Nowww

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