Somebody’s Angel

Jesus told His men to pray for Him while He went through the most horrendous struggle any human being could go through – to obey even when doing so will hurt so bad you’ll want to die.
Jesus was in the middle of an olive grove suffering immensely and His men were asleep. It took an angel to come and give Him strength to keep going through, not around, the trail He was facing. Did He want to quit? Yup. Did He want to take the easy road out? Yup.
I’ve heard it said, “Pray even when you don’t understand why or see results.” I now totally get it. The warfare we all face hurts. And much of that warfare is not physical, but mental. We have so many thoughts bouncing around in our heads, it makes hearing Jesus next to impossible. I pray you’ll hear that one thought your God has given you in His word to keep you focused.
I also pray that you’ll have someone praying for you. You need it. Prayer enters the unseen realm; and thus, we can’t always see the results. Does it matter? Do battle for those who have trusted you enough to be transparent and share about their challenges with you. You are entering arena where the real battle takes place.
Jesus’ men failed Him, so His Father sent an angel. You could be someone’s angel today!
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