Short-Term Loss Long-Term Gain

Tozer once wrote, “We can know the right words yet never be changed. This is the difference between information and transformation.” Knowledge is not synonymous with belief. Knowledge is stored. Belief uses what’s stored.
I recently read in Mark 5:36, “Do not fear, only believe.” The context is someone’s daughter died. How would the parents react – fear that all was lost or rest in what Jesus could do?
Fear can be that the outcome might not turn out the way we think. It can also be the loss of the illusive control. The Lord said, “Stop fighting Me!” He was asking for an area of my life that I was fighting and screaming (sometimes quite literally) to give up. Control felt good…in the short-term.
God never asks something from us for no reason. He does what He does for His glory, which also results in always being best for us…in the long-term. It’s been a journey to give it up, but the peace feels good now in the short-term. I trust that it will stay there in the long-term as well.
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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