What God Didn’t Say

I find it interesting what God said the moment Adam and Eve sinned. His first words were not, “What in the world did you do?” In fact, it wasn’t even the second thing either! No, the first words out of His mouth were, “Where are you?”
When Adam and Eve sinned, they hid or turned their backs on God when they heard Him walking in the garden. They couldn’t look their Father in the eyes. Yet, this is exactly what He wanted to do! He wanted to establish contact with them again. “I want to see you! I want to look into your eyes again. I love you!”
Our God isn’t carrying around a stick nor are his fists balled up ready to whack us when we sin. Jesus took that already on the cross, which should lead us to praise. The second thing it should lead us to is forgiveness to re-establish our connection with God.
Your God is approachable. He loves you and wants to walk with you in total peace. So instead of keeping your distance from Jesus when you blow it, ask His forgiveness and start walking with Him again. He’s the source of life, all the good stuff you were searching for when you sinned in the first place.
So, where are you today – looking into His eyes or at your feet? You know what to do.
Set Free “N”owww

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