Experience the Joy!

This is a picture of Korsi or as Mark 5 records, the region of the Gerasenes. You can see in the middle of the hill a mound of dirt where archeologists have discovered a number of tombs. This fact, along with the hill and its location on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee gives amble evidence to this place being where Jesus drove out a legion of demons from two men.
For the first time in years, they heard only one voice – their own and now God’s. What peace they must have felt. What joy they were now experiencing all because a Jewish rabbi came their way.
Yet, if Jesus’ men had anything to say about it, these guys would have stayed in bondage for much much longer. We know this for at least three reasons. One, all twelve men got in the boat with Jesus to travel across the lake, but only Jesus got out. Why? Reason number two, their religious traditions. This was Gentile territory where pigs were being raised. They were afraid of being ostracized by their fellow Jews for even being in this territory, let alone talking with anyone living there. (See Acts 11:1-3 after Peter met with a Roman soldier.) But there is one more reason why they remained in the boat. They were cleaning their clothes! They were in the storm of their life while sailing across the lake. They thought they were going to die. Jesus, however, woke up, calmed the storm and told them to stop being afraid. They were so focused on their circumstances that they missed the opportunity to see Jesus change someone’s life forever.
Will we let life’s storms or what others might think of us keep us from the joys of seeing others set free? What a kick Jesus must have felt to see these men finally released from the grips of the enemy. Want to experience this for yourself? Love Jesus enough to listen and follow Him, even into areas where others might get on your case for it. Love Jesus enough to share Jesus with those around you by not missing the opportunities presented to you by being so focused on yourself.
Let Jesus change your life; and, be ready to share how He did it with those around you.

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